ANNOUNCEMENT: JTAH Volume 7, Article 3

Finding Truth in Legend: The Story of Texas Ranger James Coryell

JTAH is honored and privileged to announce the publication of “Finding Truth in Legend: The Story of Texas Ranger James Coryell”.  This in-depth examination of a legendary early Texas character covers several topics of interest including Republic of Texas and family oral histories, archeological field and forensic investigations, and thorough review of documentary evidence to solve a 185-year-old mystery.  The 14-member team of authors is led by Smithsonian Institute’s Doug Owsley, THC Commissioner Jim Bruseth, and Texas State Archeologist Brad Jones.  Richly illustrated, this article is a compelling look into the past.

To paraphrase one reviewer, “This fascinating piece of research combines a popular legend with individual oral accounts, archaeology and other scientific methods to demonstrate not only that key elements of the legend are true but can be traced to physical presence.”  Another reviewer said, “Great multidisciplinary research to elucidate the burial place of an early Texian!”

As always, JTAH digital publications are free and open-access to everyone.  Click here to read or download JTAH Volume 7, Article 3.

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