Distributed Products

Distributed Products

The JTAH.org proudly serves governmental agencies and research consortiums in their mandated efforts to improve public outreach and education by distributing various research reports and publications.

Additionally, we publish special items on this page that have been created by the JTAH to educate the public.  A good example is the collection of PowerPoint presentations delivered by the participants in our International Collaboration Symposium Series.  This symposium series focuses on challenges and obstacles to research collaboration with our fellow researchers south of the Rio Bravo/Rio Grande..

These distributed works by others have been reviewed and approved by JTAH Co-Editors-In-Chief as meeting our minimum standards of scholastic research quality.  We consider these publications to have been internally peer reviewed by the submitting agency or organization.

Please note that items found on this page have not been subjected to the rigorous peer review process conducted by our Editorial Board as is found in the JTAH Annual Volume.

Additionally, the government agency, individual author, or research organization providing each item maintains full copyright and control of all materials found under the Distributed Products Tab, not JTAH.org.

Distribution of these publications are done as a public service as a part of our mission to educate the public on the value or archeology and history research.  We hope the public enjoys and appreciates the easy access to these research reports.

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