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How to Order a High Quality, Full-Color Print Copy

JTAH is committed to being an all-digital, completely free and open access publisher.  There is no charge or fee to author or reader; also, no “sign up” or “Membership” required.  Period! All work we do, publishing, public outreach and education are our contribution to the archeology and history communities.

However, we understand that many readers, authors, and institutions need printed copies for their purposes.  The JTAH Annual Volumes and other Special Publications become available in print soon after digital publication.  Print copies are available via Kindle Direct Publishing, a print-on-demand service and Amazon subsidiary, in a very high-quality, full-color print paperback book form.  KDP sets the minimum price for these printed copies.  JTAH does not sell books for profit and our income from each book sold averages about 25 cents apiece.  Print publishing is not our “thing” and is certainly not a profit center for us (in fact it costs us a whole lot more to produce the print version than we ever make back).  We make our publications available to the reader at the lowest possible cost and is not a profit-making venture.  The JTAH is privately funded.

If you wish to order a copy of one of our publications, simply click on it from the list provided below.  Clicking will link you directly to the Amazon.com page to order that publication.  The purchase process is simple, quick and easy and is generally delivered to your address in about one week, frequently only four or five days.  If you order using your Prime account at Amazon, shipping is free and delivered in only two or three days.

JTAH Volume 5 (2018/2019) Paperback

JTAH Volume 4 (2017/2018) Paperback & Kindle

JTAH Volume 3 (2016/2017) Paperback

JTAH Volume 2 (2015) Paperback & Kindle

JTAH Volume 1 (2014) Paperback

JTAH Special Publication #4 (History of Archeological Investigations at Palo Duro Canyon State Park)

JTAH Special Publication #3 (Appendix to Cover Art, JTAH Volume 4) Paperback

Please note the following in regard to ordering print copies!

When you click on the provided link, you will leave the JTAH.org website and will be redirected to Amazon.com.  There you may purchase print copies from Amazon – not the JTAH.  Other than posting our publication to the printers website, the JTAH does not have any direct involvement or connection with either Amazon.com or their subsidiary, Kindle Direct Publishing.  When you place an order for a print copy, you are doing business with them – not the JTAH.  

Your order for a printed copy is a business transaction strictly between you and Amazon.com.  We provide these links only as a convenience to those who need a printed copy.  If you experience any difficulty with their services, you should communicate directly with their customer service department – not the JTAH.

Thank you.

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