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Order a High Quality, Full-Color Print Copy

JTAH is committed to being an all-digital, completely free and open access publisher.  No charge or fee to author or reader.  No “sign up” or “Membership” required.  Period!

However, we understand that many readers, authors, and institutions need printed copies for their purposes.  We make our Annual Volumes available after the close of the year (June 30) through Amazon.com.  Print copies are ready via a print-on-demand service in a very high-quality, full-color printing service.  We price these print copies at very near our cost; at an average “mark-up” of about 25 cents apiece.  Print publishing is not our “thing” and is certainly not a profit center for us (in fact it costs us a whole lot more to produce the print version than we ever make back).

We make these available to the reader at the lowest possible cost and is not a profit-making venture.  The JTAH is privately funded.

If you wish to order copies of our Annual Volumes through Amazon.com, simply click on the following links to be redirected to the Amazon page where your order may be placed with ease.  The JTAH is not affiliated with Amazon.com in any way.  These links are provided for the reader’s convenience.

JTAH Volume 1 (2014)          JTAH Volume 2 (2015)          JTAH Volume 3 (2016/2017)



It is relatively easy for you to order a printed copy online through a print-on-demand service.  If you do not wish to order through the service provided above, you may download the complete volume file and print it on your own printer or forward the file to one of many online print-on-demand services.  For your convenience, we provide a link to a few of them in this section.

You may order a print copy of a full volume with cover art, table of contents and all of the articles in a volume.  However, you may also order a printed copy of a single article.  It’s simple, easy and your choice.


There are many other reputable “Print-on-Demand”  services available on the internet.  We list below a sample selection of PoD printers with links to their websites.  You may choose one of them or any of the others to be found on the internet.

Author House
Outskirts Press
Infinity Publishing

There are many other P-o-D printing services to be found online. These are but a small sample provided for your convenience. Find the one that best serves your needs. Or, print on your own printer!

Please Note the following statement!

The Print-on-Demand services listed above, including Amazon.com,  are third-party providers.  The JTAH does not have any direct involvement or connection with any of them.  When you place an order with them you are doing business with them – not the JTAH.  

Your order for a printed copy of the volumes or articles found on this webpage is strictly between you and the PoD service you select.  We provide these links strictly as a convenience to those who need a printed copy.  If you experience any difficulty with their services, you should communicate directly with their customer service department – not the JTAH.

Thank you.

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