Announcement – JTAH Volume 7, Article 2

Journal of Texas Archeology and history is pleased to announce the publication of our second article for Volume 7.  This one by co-authors Charles Hixson and Buddy Whitley is entitled “Early and Late Toyah-Period Occupations within Area C of the Baker Site on the Northeastern Edwards Plateau, Central Texas”. This is a site report that is so much more than simply a site report.  In the words of one peer-reviewer, “I was very pleasantly surprised to review a manuscript that is not simply a site report but takes seriously the theoretical implications of the patterns discerned in the archaeological record and attempts to relate them the topics in evolutionary archaeology.”  And another said, “More than just a site report, this research seriously considers the theoretical implications of the archaeological patterns observed on the Baker Site and attempts to relate them to important anthropological and historical themes.”  We agree and hope you enjoy this nicely illustrated and informative article. Click here

As always, JTAH articles are free and open-access in full color for your reading, download, and printing pleasure.  This one will appear later during the year in the compiled full Volume 7 in both free digital format or in high-quality, full-color print through our third-party printing service.

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