Call for Manuscripts: Volume 5


Journal of Texas Archeology and History

Call for Papers – Volume 5 (2018/2019)

The Journal of Texas Archeology and has been established to protect, preserve, and promote archeology and history through public outreach, publishing, and distribution. Our signature work is a peer-reviewed publication that promotes professional and graduate academic level research in the fields of archeology and history regarding a geographic region centered around the State of Texas that includes Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and the northern portions of Mexico. We call this region the “Texas Borderlands”.

The JTAH journal is an open-access online publication whose text is discoverable via Google Scholar and other prominent search engines. It is freely available to authors and readers worldwide. It is word searchable in common Portable Document Format (.PDF) file format and indexed to be discoverable on the internet. We have no deadline for authors to meet; simply submit the completed manuscript to the Co-Editors-in-Chief Todd M. Ahlman and Mary Jo Galindo. They will begin the peer review processes upon receipt. All submissions should follow American Antiquity style

( Upon peer review and approval by our Co-Editors-in-Chief and final preparation for publication, the article will be published in the online journal.  Additionally, articles published online will appear in our annual volume and the print version.  Volumes close on June 30 and the next volume is begun on July 1st of each year.

The online version of the Journal is a 100% digital publication, authors are encouraged to take full advantage of technology to enhance their article through use of features not available in traditional publications.  These enhancements include:  extensive color, high-resolution photography, video clips and embedded sound bites, 3-D interactive renderings, and hypertext links to outside content and websites. Authors are encouraged to include separate appendixes of supporting data that will be published in the online version and available as a stand-alone digital download.

Additionally, the now publishes a high-quality, full-color, print version of its annual volume of peer-reviewed research.  The print publication is made available through at near direct cost as a service to the research community and authors.

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