J.T.A.H. Volume 4 is Online.

ANNOUNCEMENT: J.T.A.H Volume 4 & Appendix are now available online.

We are extremely pleased to announce that J.T.A.H. Volume 4 of peer reviewed original research in archeology and history of the Texas Borderlands region is now available online.  In addition to the excellent articles of research found in this volume, we feature an interactive front and back cover comprised of examples from the Gault Site projectile point collection including Archaic and Clovis points.  We encourage you to explore the front and back covers for additional content and read the short descriptive article by Tom Williams regarding the cover art content. The Gault Site article and projectile point data are being published as and Appendix to Volume 4 and is available in a special publication.  This volume will soon be available in full-color print editions. Watch for our announcement when it becomes available through Amazon.com.

CLICK HERE to go to the Appendix to Cover Art – a special publication containing all of the Gault Site projectile point data and article.

CLICK HERE to go to the entire Volume 4 – our signature publication for the year.

Pictures for Announcement - Volume 4

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