New Article by Amy Borgens, State Marine Archeologist

The J.T.A.H. is extremely pleased to announce a major new article by Amy Borgens, State Marine Archeologist with the Texas Historical Commission.  This deeply researched article is image and content rich.   We know you will enjoy reading the newest addition to the J.T.A.H. library of outstanding research.

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ABSTRACT:  Boca Chica Beach spans the south Texas coast in Cameron County for a distance of roughly 12 kilometers between Brazos Santiago Pass and the mouth of the Rio Grande River at the Texas and Mexican border. More than 165 historic ships have been reported lost along the south Texas coast in this general area and at least four, or portions thereof, have been discovered so far. The most well-known of the shipwreck remains is archeological site 41CF184, nicknamed Boca Chica No. 2, which has gained almost mythological status in the region as it has long been circumstantially linked to the Mexican warship Moctezuma; not-so-coincidentally one of the most famous shipwrecks in the region. Is Boca Chica No. 2 the famous warship, once believed to be a “phantom” because it so often eluded the Texian patrols? Evidence suggests otherwise but the significance of both the historic ship and the archeological site invite reexamination of this unresolved mystery.

Publisher’s Note:  the author has prepared additional documentation on her topic that appears in a separate linked folder.  The appendix will feature a sample of the photographs of Boca Chica No. 2 from the Texas Historical Commission’s (THC) photography collection. There are currently more than 700 images for this shipwreck in the form of color slides, 35 mm print film, and digital photography. The images in the appendix are provided for research use only and are Copyrighted intellectual property of the Texas Historical Commission, Austin, Texas. They may NOT to be used in any publication format without express written permission of the Agency.  If there is an interest in using these photographs for publication, marketing, or any commercial use, please contact the THC regarding the agency’s image use policy. Please allow for a lengthy download time due to file size. Click here for the Appendix.

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