Greetings! The Journal of Texas Archeology and History.org is extremely pleased to announce the first article in our third volume of peer-reviewed research of archeology and history in the Texas Borderlands has been published online at our website. The article, authored by Mark Willis, Charles Koenig, Steve Black and Amanda Castaneda, is a beautifully illustrated and detailed description of the revolutionary new site recording methodology developed by the authors that is based on SfM photography.

This article demonstrates the power of digital publishing with interactive 3-D imagery, video animation clips and high-resolution photography to explain their use of technology to create a new system of site documentation. Our future authors are encouraged to include extensive high resolution imagery, sound bites, video clips, as well as 3-D interactive images like those found in this new article.

Please follow this link to read or download the new article: (Volume 3, Article 1)

Important Notes about Article 1:

  1. The Article 1 file is 83.7 MB in size. Your download time will take a minute or two if you have a slow ISP.
  2. The file contains 3-D interactive and video animation imagery that may not work on your computer unless you have a recent version of Adobe Reader or one of the Adobe software packages; such as Acrobat or Illustrator.
  3. Adobe provides a free download of their Reader DC software at this link: Adobe Reader DC.


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