Friday, October 23rd @ 4:00 PM – 4:50 PM     MARILYN JOHNSON

“ Lives in Ruins: Archaeologists and the Seductive Lure of Human Rubble”

Book4pic1smLives in Ruins has been praised for demystifying the profession and reporting on it with clarity and humor. The Dallas Morning News wrote: “As archaeologists collect potsherds and spearpoints, Marilyn Johnson became a collector of archaeologists, tracking them to Machu Picchu and to Fishkill, N.Y., to a Caribbean slave plantation and a Philadelphia beer tasting. In Lives in Ruins, she sifts and sorts them, unearthing a treasury of rare characters.” Sarah Parcak, K. Kris Hirst, World Archaeology, Discover, and American Archaeologist have recommended it, and Nature called it a “gem of hands-on reportage.”

Book4pic2Marilyn Johnson is not an archaeologist. Besides Lives in Ruins, she has written two other books for HarperCollins about people in cultural memory professions: The Dead Beat, about obituary writers, and This Book Is Overdue! about librarians and archivists. She wrote Smithsonian magazine’s story about the chancel burials in Jamestown this summer. She lives near New York City. After this conference, she will speak at the Houston Museum of Natural Science October 26th at 2:30 pm.

Publisher:  Harper, 2014, ISBN: 978-0062127181
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