Special Announcement

The JTAH is pleased to announce a publishing relationship with Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).  You will find evidence of this on the website under the Publications/Special Publications Tab with new menu item for “TxDOT Special Publication 1 (2015).

The first article in this Special Publication volume is the new Peering through the Sands of Time article. It is available in both versions: iBooks for Mac computers and a standard PC version.  It is a simple click of a button download that will not require you to have an account in order for access.  Please note that several 3-D interactive images and hypertext links to additional information are included in the iBook version. Unfortunately, the PC version does not include these advanced features.

An additional note regarding JTAH “Special Publications”: articles published from governmental agencies and significant research organizations are considered “internally reviewed” prior to release for publication on the website.  Articles published integral to the JTAH annual volumes will continue to be peer reviewed. Publication of research works, such as Peering through the Sands of Time are provided to the public as a service to the archeology and history community.

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