Submit Your Article

Submit your manuscript directly through email via attachment to the Co-Editors-in-Chief.

To submit an article greater than 20MB in file size, please store the article in a cloud based facility of your choice such as DropBox or Google Drive and send a link to your storage site.

DO NOT submit password protected or encrypted files.

DO NOT place your photographs and graphics into the article text file.  All photographs and graphics must be provided separately in the highest possible resolution.  You should indicate within the article text indications where specific figures should be placed.

Authors should maximize the use of high-resolution color in their photographs and graphics.  “Thumbnail” pictures or other low-resolution photographs and graphics should be avoided.


One thought on “Submit Your Article”

  1. JULY 21 sent two articles for publication. CTAR and Gruene TX excavation, just wondering what timeline for peer review & publication.
    Charlie Burton


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